8 Troubleshooting

If you’re having difficulty launching an RStudio session from your reserved container, go to status.oit.duke.edu and scroll down to Teaching and Learning Tools. Under this heading you’ll find an entry called Container Manager (CMGR Coursework Containers).

  • If the status shows something other than Operational, this means there is a known incident with the containers. Check back later to see if it’s been resolved. If there’s a deadline coming up soon, post on the course forum to let us know that there’s an issue. We can look into how quickly it might get resolved and decide on what to do about the deadline accordingly. Note: We don’t anticipate this to happen regularly, the systems are Operational a huge majority of the time!
  • If the status shows Operational, this means the system is expected to be working. Check your internet connection, if need be, restart your computer to ensure a fresh new connection. If your issue persists, post on the course forum with details on what you’ve tried and the errors you see (including verbatim errors and/or screenshots).
  • Either way you can also fill out the form here, which will notify our the R TA for the department as well as our undergraduate coordinator. They’ll be able to help diagnose the issue.